Welcome to ingtech GmbH

Essentially, we stand for reliability, flexibility, efficiency and loyalty


In order for us to advise you efficiently, the first step for our team of experts is to assess your business requirements and goals. We will keep you constantly updated during the development stages. Transparency is not a slogan but an active part of our company philosophy. Our team of experts will guide you with the confidence to your goals.


Project Stages

Planning, Projection & Engineering Stages

Some of the services we offer are key concepts for industrial plants, market preparation and the launching of technical solutions and products. Our engineers are on hand to support you from the start in order to optimize your business requirements and help you run your business in an economically efficient way. Our focus is to keep you focused on your goals on a day-to-day basis.


Setting Up & Monitoring Stages

We carry out constant quality supervisory checks and monitor all projects, to provide your business with security and confidence. Client loyalty means adhering to legal standards. In order to maintain these standards in areas outside these norms, some of the services we offer businesses are, for example, training personnel to provide expertise locally, training assembly staff, safeguarding technical and foreign staff as well as handling formalities for customs authorities etc.


We have your plants, machinery and project stages in hand. Constant communication between us and your business guarantees coherent knowledge and in turn, success.